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About Us


RiPR is a Premium Australian Online Directory for Plant Owners, Plant Operators, and Job Suppliers in the Earth Moving and Construction Industry.

Established in 2017, RiPR is a new-comer that is starting to create a big disruption in the Earth Moving and Construction industry. Our online platform allows people to connect to find plant and equipment or to easily locate something that is in close proximity. It allows construction companies to easily find plant and plant owners to keep their equipment employed and generating income. But most importantly, IT’S FREE!!

We’ve listened to your needs and we have created a solution based on what works for you! We’ve heard your complaints about companies pretending you get something for free only to do the hard sell and if you don’t pay you will not be found. When you list with RiPR your company can be found by anyone searching in your area. It’s our guarantee. And what’s more…. It will always be free!

RiPR also provides a platform for people with skills in the earth moving and construction industry to advertise their skill sets such a licence codes and specialisations and for plant owners to discover them to put their skills to work.


RiPR is providing a new way to do business in the Earth Moving and Construction Industry.

RiPR Executive Members are:

  • Lee O’Shea (CEO)
  • Michael O’Shea (CTO)
  • Keith Ball (BDM)
  • Brian O'Shea (BDM)

RiPR Services

  • Plant Advertising
  • Skills/Jobs Advertising
  • Tender Opportunities
  • Advertising to Industry
  • Company Advertising